Thursday, 2 January 2014

Written Stimuli

I have always found written stories (and books) to be a turn on.  I should follow that up to say that it is mainly because of my overactive (but GREAT) imagination more than the written words I am reading being wonderful.  I can take a trashy freebie on Amazon (like this, this or this) and masturbate to them quite happily when I get to the naughty bits.

I've read so many o the short books on Amazon that I'm loosing count of which I have read so I don't settle down, hand in knickers, and find I have read it before - it's such a let down! So, to try and stop this from happening too much, I have setup an account on GoodReads account in the hope that I can keep track a little better and also find some better smut to read!

If you are also on there, feel free to add me!

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Definition: Lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.

I 'came back' to my online life about a week ago and I have been putting off writing a new post, mainly because I feel inadequate.

I have an inadequate sex life (mostly self inflicted as I am sure that I could fuck 1,000 random guys from twitter, FAB swingers and all sorts of other places, but you know, that's not me really .. not truly).

I'm an inadequate blogger because a) I'm not having sex and b) I'm not as good as others around (I would link to them but there are far too many to add here).

I'm an inadequate adult because I can't look after myself right (that's a long and personal story that I won't go into but it's affecting me at the moment so I included it).

I'm an inadequate friend as I cancel engagements at the last minute for seemingly no reason (although generally it's because I'm having a bad time and can't face them .. and of course can't tell them how I'm feeling either).

I'm inadequate at work as I am bored of the job I do and have lost all care in the work (I'd leave and find a new job but it's nigh on impossible round here at the moment).

So yeah, I'm feeling down at the moment .. apologies for a dark post but in some ways I just needed to get it off my chest.  I have a few post ideas that I now feel that I can write to get me back into things so watch this space, or don't .. after all, I run an inadequate blog ...