Thursday, 2 January 2014

Written Stimuli

I have always found written stories (and books) to be a turn on.  I should follow that up to say that it is mainly because of my overactive (but GREAT) imagination more than the written words I am reading being wonderful.  I can take a trashy freebie on Amazon (like this, this or this) and masturbate to them quite happily when I get to the naughty bits.

I've read so many o the short books on Amazon that I'm loosing count of which I have read so I don't settle down, hand in knickers, and find I have read it before - it's such a let down! So, to try and stop this from happening too much, I have setup an account on GoodReads account in the hope that I can keep track a little better and also find some better smut to read!

If you are also on there, feel free to add me!

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